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New Course! Asbestos Safety Awareness

Asbestos is a dangerous material that can cause long term illnesses and even death due to excess exposure. This 40 minute courses is for designed for construction workers and building maintenance personnel who run the risk of coming into contact with Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM).
Participants of this course will learn what Asbestos is, where it is found, when it is dangerous, health effects of exposure and how to avoid exposure.
NOTE: The course is NOT intended to train personnel to remove asbestos, rather to understand its nature and to know what to do and not do when discovering its presence.

New Course – Motorized Pallet Truck Safety

Low Lift Pallet Trucks, also known as Motorized Pallet Trucks are a very common piece of equipment used to lift and move materials around a great variety of workplaces.

Not to be confused with powered fork lifts, these devices are for moving palletized loads relatively short distances around facilities and loading docks.

This course is designed to provide your operators with basic safety knowledge about motorized pallet trucks so that they, and your organization, can avoid property damage and injury.

This course covers: Pre-operational Inspections, Lifting and Transporting Loads, Walking with and Placing Loads, Travel on Slopes, Loading Dock Safety as well as Parking and Battery Safety tips.


Designed in html5 for full mobility access including Apple devices.

Announcing New Course from InFuse Training – Arc Flash Safety Awareness

InFuse  Online Training by WebWSIT Limited is pleased to announce the addition of our “Arc Flash Safety Awareness” course.

Arc Flash is an explosive release of energy from an electrical arc when the electrical current passes through ionized air. It can severely burn, cripple and kill with a fire and heat blast 4 times the temperature of the sun.

This course will provide Participants with an understanding of what Arc Flash is, its causes and how potentially damaging it can be. The course will explain the nature of regulations regarding electrical equipment maintenance and repair and why only “Qualified” personnel should carry out such procedures. It will teach non-qualified workers how to recognize Arc Flash areas and what procedures are in place that they must follow to protect themselves from possible injury.

Virtually every workplace has electrical equipment with the potential for Arc Flash. Ensure your personnel have the knowledge to keep safe by assigning this course.

Click on this link to view a DEMO of this course!


Proper Hand Washing

Cold and flu season is upon us and the potential to transfer germs and viruses increases this time each year.

Our NEW course “Proper Hand Washing” is designed for everyone because everyone comes in contact with germs and can easily pass them onto others at work, home and play.


Participants will learn how to properly wash their hands and how to avoid picking germs up, especially from washrooms.

Click on this link to view a DEMO of this course!

Ontario Ministry of Labour Blitz on Chemical Handling

Hazards related to chemical handling can lead to serious worker injuries, occupational diseases—even death. Workers may be at risk from chemical flammability and reactivity, contact with corrosive chemicals, asphyxiation hazards, and damage to body organs or systems. They are also at risk of developing contact dermatitis, asthma and cancers. This fall, the Ontario MOL is focusing on hazards involving chemical handling in an inspection blitz at industrial workplaces.

Make sure you are ready should a MOL Inspector give you a surprise visit.

See attached MOL Bulletin

New “Human Performance Factors” course in Mobility Format Now Available

Designed specifically for the aviation industry as part of compliance with DOT requirements concerning Human Performance Factors and their impact on safety. These include organizations that provide technical services and repairs to aircraft as well as those that manufacture and supply parts. This course, however, has application to any industry whose product or service can affect the safety of employees or the public.

Click this link to view a DEMO of this course!

New “Utility Knife & Box Cutter Safety” course in Mobility Format Now Available

Our new high demand course, “Utility Knife & Box Cutter Safety” course is now available in all InFuse courses suites. This course is designed to promote awareness about the dangers of these tools and how to properly use them to reduce or eliminate injuries and lost time.

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Policy

See attached PDF of the Sexual Harassment Policy suitable for Ontario Bill 132 requirements and all Canadian jurisdictions.

New PPE Course in Mobility Format Now Available

Personal Protective Equipment mobility course is now available and included in all three of our suites.

Ontario Bill 132 – Amendment to the OHSA regarding Workplace Sexual Harassment

Bill 132 amends various existing statutes with respect to sexual violence, sexual harassment and domestic violence. For employers, Bill 132 presents important workplace-related changes, by amending the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) to require employers to implement specific workplace harassment policies and programs and ensure that incidents and complaints of workplace harassment are appropriately investigated.

Ontario employers will need to instruct their personnel on these changes and create and implement new policies and procedures. These measures must be in place by September 8, 2016.

See attached PDF of Ontario Bill 132 and scroll to Section 4