Announcing New Course from InFuse Training – Arc Flash Safety Awareness

InFuse  Online Training by WebWSIT Limited is pleased to announce the addition of our “Arc Flash Safety Awareness” course.

Arc Flash is an explosive release of energy from an electrical arc when the electrical current passes through ionized air. It can severely burn, cripple and kill with a fire and heat blast 4 times the temperature of the sun.

This course will provide Participants with an understanding of what Arc Flash is, its causes and how potentially damaging it can be. The course will explain the nature of regulations regarding electrical equipment maintenance and repair and why only “Qualified” personnel should carry out such procedures. It will teach non-qualified workers how to recognize Arc Flash areas and what procedures are in place that they must follow to protect themselves from possible injury.

Virtually every workplace has electrical equipment with the potential for Arc Flash. Ensure your personnel have the knowledge to keep safe by assigning this course.

Click on this link to view a DEMO of this course!