Course List

InFuse Health & Safety CoursesApproximate Course Length
AODA – Customer Service Standards for Ontario45 minutes
AODA – Integrated Accessibility Standards for Ontario30 minutes
Arc Flash Safety Awareness40 minutes
Asbestos Safety Awareness40 minutes
Back & Lifting Safety45 minutes
Cumulative Trauma Disorder50 minutes
Exercises & Stretches15 minutes
Fall Protection (Non Ontario)75 minutes
Fall Protection (Ontario – non construction)75 minutes
Fire Safety40 minutes
Health & Safety Orientation – Generic60 minutes
Heat Stress Awareness45 minutes
Human Performance Factors75 minutes
Isocyanates Awareness45 minutes
Ladder Safety30 minutes
Lockout/Tagout45 minutes
Motorized Pallet Truck Safety45 minutes
Office Ergonomics30 minutes
Ontario MOL Worker H&S Awareness45 minutes
Pedestrian Safety Around Fork-lifts45 minutes
Personal Protective Equipment45 minutes
Power Lift-Truck – CSA Std. B335-043 hours
Proper Hand Washing25 minutes
SIMDUT45 minutes
Slips, Trips and Falls45 minutes
Transportation of Dangerous Goods – Shipper3 hours
Transportation of Dangerous Goods – Handler3 hours
Transportation of Dangerous Goods – Driver3 hours
Transportation des Marchandises Dangeruses – Expediteurs3 hours
Transportation des Marchandises Dangeruses – Transitaires3 hours
Transportation des Marchandises Dangeruses – Facturiers3 hours
Utility Knife & Box Cutter Safety45 minutes
Vehicle Lot Safety30 minutes
Vehicle Hoist Safety Training60 minutes
Violence & Harassment in the Workplace (Ontario)60 minutes
Violence & Harassment – Refresher (Ontario)40 minutes
Violence, Harassment & Bullying (Generic)50 minutes
WHMIS 2015 & the GHS60 minutes
WHMIS 1988 Refresher40 minutes
WHMIS 198860 minutes
WHMIS 1988 for Supervisors and Advanced Users75 minutes
WHMIS 1988 Automotive Specific60 minutes
Management SuiteApproximate Course Length
Accident & Incidents Investigations40 minutes
Due Diligence Awareness15 minutes
Implementing Workplace Safety20 minutes
Joint Health & Safety Committee – Ontario30 minutes
Occupational H&S and the Criminal Code20 minutes
Ontario MOL Supervisor H&S Awareness45 minutes
Understanding the Occupational Health & Safety Act35 minutes
Workplace Safety Committee Overview30 minutes
Workplace Safety Inspections40 minutes
Specialty CoursesApproximate Course Length
Grain Silo Safety45 minutes
IHSA Electrical Utilities Safety Rules 20143 hours
Load Securement & Safety45 minutes
Defensive Driving: Fees to be discussed.2.5 hours
Automotive Shop Safety45 minutes
Coming SoonApproximate Course Length
Automotive Compressed Air and Brake Service Safety20 minutes
Automotive Pit SafetyTBA
Automotive WHMIS 201560 minutes
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