NEW Course…Working From Home

Available November 16, 2020, our 15 minute “Working From Home” course is designed to help personnel now having to work remotely to cope with their new work environment. Essential is the mental well-being of employees now having to “Work From Home” due to COVID-19 changes to the normal workplace and this course will provide important tips to keep productive and well.

NEW Course…Understanding & Implementing a Health & Safety Program

InFuse now offers a new course that integrates 4 previous courses into ONE. Designed to provide extensive knowledge for owners, supervisors, managers and H&S Committee members on critical aspects of the OHSA and how to properly implement it. Replaces Implementing Workplace Safety, Occupational Health & Safety Act, OHS & Criminal Code and Workplace Safety Inspections.

If you want your organization to fully understand its obligations and responsibilities and how to properly set-up and administer its Health & Safety Program, this course is a must.

Health & Safety Representative

A Health & Safety Representative (HSR) is required by Law for companies and organizations with between 6 and 19 employees (exception NFLD & SK where the requirement is 6 to 9). The HSR must be a worker, not a member of management. This course will provide your designated HSR with all the knowledge & tools they will need to effectively carry out their duties. Owners of such companies will also benefit in taking this course as reinforcement of their legal responsibilities under the OHSA and in order to know how they should effectively work with their HSR.

Making Compliance & HR Easy

Occupational health & safety training & management plus built-in HRIS functionality made easy and affordable with InFuse’s cloud-based solutions.