Mandatory Health & Safety Awareness Training for ALL Ontario Workers & Supervisors IN EFFECT!

Notice: The Mandatory Health & Safety Awareness Training requirement of the Ontario Ministry of Labour is now in effect Under Regulation 297/13. Training must have been completed by July 1, 2014.

As a recommendation under Ontario Bill 160, Mandatory Health & Safety Training is to be enacted and ALL Ontario employees will need to have completed the required training by July 1, 2014. At that time MOL Inspectors started enforcing the legislation.

There is a requirement for both workers and supervisors, each with a separate course, with the objective of educating about the legal responsibilities of employers, supervisors and workers. In addition, with workers garnering a better understanding of their “Right to Know” about hazards in their workplace, their “Right to Refuse” unsafe work and their “Right to Participate” in the health & safety programs at work, a safer workplace will result with a cooperative environment that fosters safe work practices and procedures.

InFuse offers the “Mandatory Worker Training” and “Supervisor Training” as part of its courses suite at no additional charge.”