New Course! Automotive Shop Safety

Service shops in automotive dealerships and repair centres, as well as heavy equipment operations including construction and agriculture, present a variety of physical and material hazards. Provincial Occupational Health & Safety Acts require employers to ensure their employees are fully aware of hazards in their workplaces and are trained to work safely around them.  This course is for designed for automotive technicians, service and parts department personnel and provides them with specific information on a variety of shop hazards and discusses practices and safeguards to mitigate the potential for accidents and injuries.
Participants of this course will learn about facility hazards, general shop safety, the handling and storage of hazardous material and equipment safety. The goal is to more fully educate employees about common hazards in the shop and ensure they take all necessary precautions to avoid injury to themselves and fellow workers.
This 45 minute course is an essential component of a balanced H&S Program and is available as part of the InFuse Automotive Suite.
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